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Car Valet Bradford

Reflect Detailing offers high quality car valeting and detailing services in Bradford and West Yorkshire. These include include valeting, detailing, mobile valeting, new car protection and caravan and motorhome valeting and detailing.

Valeting service for Bradford

Vehicle valeting services

My valeting services in Bradford are for all type of vehicle, but tailored to suit your car. Treatments include exterior hand-wash with PH balanced shampoo using a 100% sheepskin wash mitt & grit guard bucket system, full interior vacuuming and cleaning, windows and mirrors cleaned and polished and wheel and wheel arch cleaning. See the Valeting Services page for more about valeting options.

Vehicle detailing

My car detailing and paint correction service for the Bradford area will keep your car’s originality and increase its resale value. I will decontaminate the paintwork, remove scratches, bird stains, water marks, swirl marks, holograms, cobwebbing and micro-marring and restore the paintwork back to its original colour if it has faded. It will have full clay bar treatment to remove bonded contaminants and will be polished with rotary and dual action polishers. I only use the best products on your car which come from America and Europe. I personally trial every product before using it on a customer’s car. See my Vehicle Detailing page for my full range of detailing and paint correction options.

New car protection

New cars are only treated to a quick wash and polish by the dealership so they don’t look their best. Stains caused by transportation are likely to remain, and the vehicle may have been outside for several months attracting bonded contaminants on the paintwork. Contaminants will be removed and the vehicle will be given a full machine polish to remove imperfections. It will then be glazed and 2 coats of sealant will be applied, then finished with a coat of top quality wax. See my New Car Protection page for more details.

Mobile valet service

I offer all these valet and detailing services at your home, work or any agreed location in Bradford or West Yorkshire. See my Mobile Valeting Services page for more details.

Caravan and motorhome valeting service

Caravan and motorhome exteriors receive pre-season preparation, deep cleaning with machine polishing, removal of scratches from hedgerows and removal of scratches from acrylic windows. For the interior I offer steam cleaning of carpets and deep cleaning of kitchen appliances and de-odorising. See the Caravan and Motorhome page for more details.

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