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Autoglym LifeShine Carbon

Trained Autoglym LifeShine detailer

I am a fully trained and approved  Autoglym LifeShine Detailer. Once I have correctly applied the products I will register your personal warranty with Autoglym.

Every cars paintwork is fully cleaned with a clay bar to remove all bonded contaminants. Then it is machine polished to a flawless finish. Once i am happy i will apply the Lifeshine Carbon Sealant.

It is important that you let a car detailer apply this product to your vehicle, what many people do not realise is that the dealers allow roughly 30 minutes for their valeters to prepare a new car and apply this product, this is an impossible task as the paint needs claying, polishing and priming before the sealant is applied for maximum longevity.

Peace of mind – a lifetime warranty

With the Autoglym Lifeshine system you will receive a lifetime warranty. Subject to reasonable on-going care your vehicle will remain in excellent condition and the comprehensive warranty provides complete peace of mind for the entire duration of ownership.

Paintwork protection, Carbon Shield

Paint protection for your car

To achieve best results and maximum longevity from the paint protection, the car’s paintwork needs fully decontaminating and machine polishing to a perfect finish.

Only then will I apply the paintwork protection to lock in that perfect finish. I even follow this procedure on brand new cars. The protective coating will enhance the paintwork shine and ensure maximum resistance to environmental hazards, even the severest winter weathers.

Carbon Shield Technology fuses liquid carbon to the vehicles paintwork to create a robust barrier against harsh contaminants and the elements.

Upholstery protection

Upholstery protection for your car
Upholstery (fabric, leather and carpets) is treated with a durable waterproof coating to seal out moisture and resist staining.

Accidental spillages simply bead on the surface, whilst dust and sticky marks are easily removed.

Glass protection

Glass protection for your car
All external side and rear windows are treated with a long term, optically clear, non stick, easy to clean coating.

As you drive the raindrops simply roll off to give greatly improved wet weather visibility and safety.

Cost £295

Contact me now or call me on 07743 44 89 89 to discuss the benefits of letting me “correctly” apply the product to your new car.

You will also receive an Autoglym holdall containing over £100 worth of car care products.

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